Beauty Salon Of Aesthetic Cosmetology Chimera-Derm was opened in 1997. For people who works here cosmetology, bioregeneration, dermatology and aesthetic medicine is passion. Our goal is to care for beauty and help our clients with cosmetic and dermatological problems. If the client need medical consultation we collaborate with doctor Magdalena Nadolna-Raczkowska – dermatologist and allergist and doctor Małgorzata Domarecka – specialist in aesthetic medicine. This kind of cooperation ensure the best effects of cosmetology treatments.

Beauty salon Chimera-Derm was honored in very prestigious contest Super Salon for the best beauty salon in 2008. In 2005 we won the first prize in a contest for the best web site of the beauty salon in Poland. In 2009 Kosmoprof company appreciated our work and awarded us with a title Primus Inter Pares – The Best Among The Equals. The distinction was connected with week-long course in Italy. In 2011 at all-Polish congress organized by Kosmoprof company we were honored by them with a diploma for a year-long cooperation. To check and confirm the quality of our services, our beauty salon was put to the test to certify the salon by The Association In Support Of Development In Cosmetology in Poland. We’ve passed the test very well and we obtained the Certificate Of The Highest Quality Of Service Friendly Cosmetics.

In 2007 in Olsztyn on 1 Mochnackiego Street we’ve opened the second department of Beauty Salon Chimera-Derm called Klinika Dermourody. It specialized in therapeutic cosmetology, curative dermatology and aesthetic medicine.

Aesthetic medicine
- rhinoplasty – from 250 euro
- Softlift threads – Novelty! from 300 euro
- hyaluronic threads
- botox – from 150 euro
- fillers
- mouth modeling – from 200 euro
- treatment for baldness
- needle mesotherapy
- IPL rejuvenation – from 25 euro
- laser depilation
- treatment for oversweating – from 425 euro
- variety of technologies
- scars removal

Face treatments
- MesoTherm – Novelty!
- Intraceuticals
- Mini Lift – Novelty! 65 euro
- medical peelings
- no-needle mesotherapy
- microdermabrasion – from 55 euro
- Dermafrac rejuvenation
- men’s cosmetology
- vessels closing
- antiacne procedures
- discoloration removal
- micropricking
- permanent make-up
- eyelashes – from 30 euro
- make-up

Body treatments
- body cosmetics
- cryolipolysis – from 125 euro
- massages
- Combo electrogymnastics
- cavitation liposuction – from 75 euro
- Body Health – from 40 euro
- Green Vac – Novelty!body shaping from 35 euro
- feet caring
- podology
- hand caring
- SunFX tanning – 35 euro

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